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Was Brides.com really that out of line? A response to Jason Lanier

Photographers using Sony DSLR and Sony mirrorless cameras are buzzing about an article written on Brides.com about questions to ask a photographer. They seem to be offended that a photographer said to use Canon or Nikon. I actually do not have an issue with that.

I know I should since I am now shooting Sony DSLR cameras but I do not know. Sony is a minor player in the camera market right now. It might be growing but growing from 1% to 5% is still less than 1 in 20 photographers. Let’s get honest.

According to the article, (it has been updated without this since)

They should say either Cannon or Nikon, which are the most readily available professional cameras available…However, there are professional and amateur cameras in both brands. A professional camera should be a full format camera. This will ensure that you can print large scale prints easily.

I personally did not have a problem with the brand advise (besides the spelling of Canon). Most photographers (19 out of 20) will use Canon or Nikon. The chances of them using Pentax, Sony, or Fujifilm is pretty slim. Most wedding photographers won’t be sporting a PhaseOne IQ 180 to a wedding anyways.

I might be shooting Sony now but I openly realize I am the minority.

Jason Lanier vs Brides.com

A discussion about Sony mirrorless cameras would not be complete without Jason Lanier giving his two cents. We were not disappointed. Jason is a great photographer but he is a fan boy of Sony mirrorless cameras to the point that he is annoying about it.

While I agree with Lanier that Brides.com and basically every wedding website out there is a pay for play system, so is is workshops. He charges people $600 to spend an afternoon with him. I find it odd for him to criticize someone for pay for play when he does it himself.

The thing that Lanier is exposing he does himself. I find it just irony. Someone bought and paid for by Sony (that I shoot) is upset with someone else that is bought and paid for by Brides.com.

Before the lynch mob from “Fedora nation” come after me, I realize that Jason Lanier has calmed down his gear whoring in recent months. I actually can enjoy watching him again.

Sony A77

My issue with the Brides.com article

The last part of this quote is just plain dumb. You do not need a full frame (full format would be 8×10 sensor) to get large prints. This is just plain silliness. I can’t think of a time at a wedding that one would need to print anything to large than 30×40 that a Sony A77 II would easily handle.

This idea that you need a full frame camera to shoot pictures for large prints is just outdated. It was true at one time but it has not been true since we have reached at least 16MP. While shooting with a Nikon D810 or a Sony A99 II would make it easier, doing it on a APSC camera is not hard either.

In my opinion, the lines between full frame cameras and APSC cameras have become very blurry in the last few years. Having a full frame does not make you more professional or better; just more loaded and normally with a bigger ego.


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