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Amtrak’s Texas Eagle : Taking the train from St. Louis to Dallas

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After riding the Missouri River Runner to St. Louis, the next order of business was to use the Texas Eagle by Amtrak to get to Dallas. This...

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Amtrak’s Missouri River Runner : taking the train from Kansas City to St. Louis

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Traveling from Kansas City to St. Louis is typical done by car or by plane but there is another option: Amtrak’s Missouri River...

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Fiji Airways ends Stopover option!

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Fiji Airways seem to have killed their stopover option according to their website. This is not good news for travelers and backpackers. I...

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Norwegian Airlines is cheap for long flights

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I have alot of European friends and they have been raving about Norwegian Airlines for quite some time. They told me it is the AirAsia on...

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Open letter to Hawaiian Airlines

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The following is an “open letter” to Hawaiian Airlines about how I think about their philosophy concerning American Samoa,...

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Cheap Flights to the Philippines

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One of the most common questions that I see people ask is how to get cheap flights to the Philippines from the United States. Many do not...

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