Buying a Sony Nex 5T or Sony A5100?

Photographers, Reviews, Uncategorized • 3 Comments

I have been using a Sony NEX 5t lately but I kinda destroyed it (long story). I might have to get another one or should I use this as the...

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Was really that out of line? A response to Jason Lanier

Photographers, rants • One Comment

Photographers using Sony DSLR and Sony mirrorless cameras are buzzing about an article written on about questions to ask a...

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Sony A5200 or Sony A5100 replacement coming?

Dream features, Photographers, Uncategorized

I love the Sony A5100 for vlogging but it really needs to be updated by Sony. (Sony A5200?) However, it seems that the line has went into...

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Food Photography with the Sony NEX 5T!

Food Photography, Photographers • One Comment

I am not expert at food photography. Let’s get that out of the way. However, I am wanting to learn more about it in the coming...

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Sony Nex 5t: My initial thoughts

Camera reviews, Photographers, Sony Nex, Uncategorized • 2 Comments

Sony Nex 5t. What is it like? It is worth a few hundred dollars? Well, I got a great deal on one recently online and wanted to test it out!...

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Humans of New York and the growing concept

Photographers, Photography, Uncategorized

If you are anyone in photography, you have seen the Facebook page, Humans of New York. I have seen it many times and also seen a dozen...

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Fedora Nation: a response to the groupies of Jason Lanier

Photographers, Photography, rants, Uncategorized

There has been quite the chatter on the comments about why I am now back to using Nikon (not Sony cameras) and why I have named the blog,...

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