Church of God prayer garden

Church of God prayer garden in Cleveland, Tennessee

I stopped by the Church of God prayer garden this morning and I wanted to get some picture but the lighting was just not working for me. I ended up making the images black and white! I just simply got there way too late in the morning.

It was interesting walking around the international headquarters for the Church of God. It was pretty dead  because I was there on Sunday. I am sure everyone was over at North Cleveland. I have no idea if they built within feet of Krystal’s or not! đŸ™‚

Church of God prayer garden

About the image

As I said, I had to make them black and white. I am not sure when it is good due to the lighting and the geography of the area. I would have liked to get there during golden or blue hour. However, I do not have time so black and white is it.

Church of God prayer garden

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