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Churches in Kansas City :)

St. Mary Church Kansas City

Today is a hard day for the PTSD. It has been quite the challenge. I just do not feel like getting out and doing much. I am just taking the day and re-editing some odd images. As I looked through them, I found that I had a lot of churches around Kansas City.

I did not really consider just how many churches that we have, some of them very old. I go to church every Sunday but just do not gave thought to how many cool buildings we have across the metro where people worship.

Making the shots

Most of these, I believe all of them actually, are with Nikon’s APSC camera or “cropped sensors. What this means that the lens behave at 1.5 times it actual size. If you are shooting at 18mm, you are basically getting a 27mm shot on 35mm speak. A “full frame” camera like the Nikon D850 would give a wider shot. However, I have what I have with me. (Last picture was a Sony A5000 with 16mm (F/2.8)

For a point of reference all of the images besides the St. Mary one was shot with the Sigma 10-20mm (F/3.5) which is a very affordable lens for anyone needing a very wide shot. The St. Mary shot was shot using the Sigma 18-35mm (F/1.8). (Oddly, I am about to sell both of them and get a Nikon 16-35mm.

Broadway Church in the Westport District

Broadway Church in the Westport District

Editing the Image

Like most of the images of late, they were edited just in Luminar 4, the software from Skylum. It is a powerful tool and I am seeing less and less a need for Photoshop or Lightroom. There is some things I need Lightroom for but they is not many. I HIGHLY recommend using Luminar 4. 

As you can see on the left, the sky is dramatically be altered for starters. Being able to quickly do a sky replacement is a God sent. Doing this in Photoshop takes forever to get as good as Luminar does with a click. I can’t go back to the Photoshop way unless it is very complex.


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