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Sun Flowers in Cleveland, Tennessee

Many may disagree with me (and have) but I am going to stand where I want to stand, not where the “professional industry” tells me to stand. We can’t live in fear of the internet. This is why I do not watermark my images at all. I want people to share them!

The following is what HDR Daily has as policy for sharing and the copyright policy.

HDR Daily operates on the doctrine known as Creative Commons Non-Commercial. You are free to share images on the website in exchange for a link back to the original article. All images must be for personal use.

I upload the original image to the website which is well over 4,000 pixels. Most pictures are shot at 20MP or higher using APSC sized camera. I am not living in fear of the bottom feeders or trolls. Sorry, I am just not.

For commercial use,  my images does require licensing for legal use.


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