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The DJI Mavic Mini has “starting engine failure.”

Western Auto building Kansas City

About a week ago, I ordered the DJI Mavic Mini from Adorama. It was a great deal. It came with a memory card (that did not get included somehow), a cloth and a bag. It was not bad. However, less than a week afterwards, it came flying out of the sky because of a “starting engine failure.”

What seems to have happen is the back right engine just quit in mid-flight. This made the whole aircraft come flying down on the street. There had been no crash before this. However, there has been complaints of people online claiming that drones are just falling out of the sky. So, I am not alone I guess.

DJI Mavic Mini in Downtown Kansas City

The DJI Mavic Mini flying in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.

DJI Mavic Mini is “cheap”

By the time that I paid for everything, the DJI Mavic Mini is about $500. This includes the DJI Care Refresh that if something I caused (not in this case), they will replace the drone for $40. A second one could be replaced for $49. That could not be worth much if motors just fail every week though!

In the world of drones, this is the cheap one but it is worth saying that the drone seems to be cheaply made as well. It is all plastic and the sticks that you use for the controller was beyond cheap. They break very easily!

Kansas City skyline using the DJI Mavic Mini

Kansas City skyline using the DJI Mavic Mini.

Dealing with repairs

I have reached out to both Adorama and DJI. The worst case would be $60 to have it replaced with Adorama and I am not sure how DJI Care Refresh would handle that. (Maybe, transfer it!) DJI might just repair it. If they would not, I could use a one of the replacements offered under their program for $40. No matter how I look at it, fixing the drone will be $100 or less.

One thing I will say about dealing with DJI Support is that getting through to them on the phone is not an easy task. This could be related to the COVID19 nonsense going on but I am not sure of that. I did also seen someone working for DJI reached out to me on Facebook.


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