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Drugs at Parena Bread

Parena Bread Drug Sign

Today, I noticed the sign over the building at Parena Bread in Brookside. It used to be a drug store (I guess). It is funny because people go to Parena Bread to get their coffee, a drug of choice 🙂 It just seems odd to me I guess.

Brookside used to kinda be its own little town and still has that feel. I guess this was the local drug store until CVS came in and run them out of business. That is the story of many small businesses in Kansas City. Just the world we live in, I guess.

Starbucks is there too!

Litterally across the street from Panera Bread is another odd building that Starbucks has. I guess people love their coffee in Brookside. I think there is a few other coffee places around as well. It seems be popular here to put it mildly.

I am sorry about the head room on the Starbucks image. I could not back up with a sign in the way or getting too much of the street in the image. I had to shoot the best I could from the position I could be. I used the 12mm (F/2) but it just wasn’t wide enough for how close I had to be.

Getting around Brookside is easy

I guess these electric scooters like they have downtown are popular in Brookside too. They are popular downtown for sure. It is worth looking into if you want to get around pretty easily in the area. I am not sure how much they cost but I assume it is an app on Android that you use.

Otherwise, you can use the KC Ride‘s Main Max that comes right through the area. It is a block over from Starbucks. The bus for 63rd Street also come through there as well.

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