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Fedora Nation: a response to the groupies of Jason Lanier

There has been quite the chatter on the comments about why I am now back to using Nikon (not Sony cameras) and why I have named the blog, Nikon Dojo. I find it funny that the people who are creating this drama are the brianless groupies of Jason Lanier, a guy that I really respect for his skill. They call themselves the “fedora nation‬.”

I said then and I will say it again, Jason was a jerk to me about his obsession with Sony gear but his craft is amazing. I respect him as a photographer. His work is very good. You will never hear me say anything against that. It is the Sony snobbery and gear whoring that has always bothered me about Jason.

All the groupies (they are more off the wall about Sony than Jason) call themselves the Fedora Nation, after Jason’s hat. I don’t really pay much attention to them unless they come up on my social media channels. I have better things to do than to listen to trolls tell me how great their over-priced bodies are and how they are brainless worshipers of Sony’s marketing team.

At least Jason is smart, he milks these guys for training sessions. I saw he is just talked them into $2,500 a month to “follow him on different levels.” He is smart. I do not have much of a problem with it. If the people are dumb to open their wallets, take the money!

Fedora Nation can be one annoying bunch

I have to laugh when they throw around their snobbery. They think that shooting Sony is a “calling” and if you can’t afford Sony, you can shoot Nikon. I am not even joking. One of them actually made that comment. The irony of that is I have the Nikon D7200, Nikon D750 and Nikon D800. The funny that is they cost about the same as their beloved Sony mirrorless systems. I am sure the Nikon D500 will find its way into my camera bag in the coming months as well.

The funny thing about the Fedora Nation is how quiet they become when you start talking about affordable lens and flashes. They get really quiet. Ask them how many F/2.8 lenes are under $1000 on the market? They fear to the answer: none. They know Nikon knocks the shit out of Sony in this area and about every other area too.

Dealing with the people are the best to give actual facts, not opinions. Things like the 10 reasons I sold my Sony full frame cameras. All 10 of them put fear into the hearts of the Fedora Nation. They do not like to admit that Sony has given then a system that is not ready for game day. They also don’t like to hear they are just being played by the marketing department of Sony in Tokyo.

Mark my word, the Summer Games will be full of DSLRs made by Nikon and Canon; not mirror less made by Sony. I would be surprised to see more than a few Sony mirror less cameras at the Olympics in Brazil!

Should you watch Jason Lanier?

That is really up to you but I would suggest that you realize that he is a Sony snob and about half of his videos are “buy this” and “buy that.” He is a salesmen more than an educator these days. If he is not selling Sony or Rotolight, he is pimping his own workshops for $600 a pop. I just see less and less real education in his videos on YouTube and more pimping of products.

If I was a young guy that just picked up a camera, I could not really learn much from his shoots that he post. No breaking down the images, if he does talk about settings; there is never a reason why. I would not put him in the same league as guys like Jared Polin, Chase Jarvis, and Matt Granger. These guys actually teach photography.

One thing you can get from watching Jason Lanier is ideas. I have came up with some cool ideas to expand over the years from watching one of his shoots. This was especially true when he was shooting Nikon and not the snob of today. I do not watch him much anymore because of that but I still am thankful for some of the cool things I came up with from watching his videos on Youtube back in the day.

As I say, it comes down to make a choice that is right for you.

Don’t I still own a Sony A6000?

Actually, I do. I still love to use it especially for timelapses. It is a handy camera that can do some pretty cool stuff. I can use that little pancake lens that came with it to get the timelapses…. when you are making 10 minutes of video into 5-10 seconds; it doesn’t matter too much. I am not sure I would trust it for a professional shoot anymore though.

At the end of the day, the Sony mirrorless system does have alot of things right; they just wont do the major things to finish the system. Until they can bring to market f/2.8 lens for under $1,000 and high quality flashes in the $200 range; the Sony system will remain a partial system. You will have to mix and match lens from Nikon or Samyang to make it work. That is not a complete system.

As far as I am concerned, I have lost patience with them and I am not waiting for it. I will have the Sony A6000 around for shooting timelapses and doing a little street photography but I am going to put my faith in the timeless Nikon gear for legit shooting. Nikon has always been faithful to me and the lens & flashes are there at realistic prices.

For the casual user that wants something a little more powerful than their point and shoot; the Sony mirrorless system might work for them. Pass that; I would not put my faith in Sony. At least, not at this point.

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