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Flying the DJI Mavic Mini!

I have been thinking about jumping into the drone game for quite some time and I have finally did it. I got the the DJI Mavic Mini recently and I have to admit that I truly love it. Why I was a little concerned about the reviews, I wanted to take the chance on getting one.

I worked the one I got from Adorama for $399 that included a camera bag, and a memory card. I really did not need the bag and I would normally have it in my main camera bag. (Thinktank Airport Essentials Plus)

Getting it from Adorama instead of DJI themselves is actually better. It saves some times on shipping. They will get it out of New York City the next day instead of waiting to have it flown out of Hong Kong in two days. I have heard some horrible stories about people waiting for the Mavic Mini that get it on the DJI website.

As a general rule, I buy most my gear from either Adorama or KEH, so this is why I source it from them. I am not a fan of buying it from random camera shops because I do not what I am getting. These two companies I have had great experience with.

Shot over Crown Center in Kansas City. Edited in Luminar 4.

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