Why is everything free?

Everything that I will do on the website will be free information. I am not trying to building an online business out of HDR Daily. I am not here to make myself a millionaire either. This is just to take people along my journey of HDR Photography and the path to be healthy. That is more important that making a few bucks.

Photography is a pricy thing to be into. Camera, lens, software, you get the idea is all expensive. I believe it does not have to be. I am convicted that someone can use whatever they have, even if just a phone, and learn what need to know just from websites and tutorial videos. (I have personally learned a lot of them!)

I guess this is my attempt to see photography become more of an art community than the crazy industry that it has become where everything is about dollars. I just want to see our craft to be more about the art we create than the products we sell. Is that too much to ask?

Will I make money from HDR Daily

The answer is YES! There is three different ways that I will make money from this project. The model is really give away all the information freely and as a result, the finances fall into place to do more amazing art.


HDR Daily has ads on it served from Google. Money is made from those ads. It is not as much as it use to be but the CPC on Adsense is still pretty good under the right conditions.

Affiliate Marketing

From time to time, I might tell you about a great company that I use or suggest. There is a chance that I would receive a small payment from the company for the promotion. (At no cost to the customer) This way is more profitable than Adsense in almost all cases.

Direct Donations

The last way that HDR Daily would receive finances from everything that is given away would be if someone wanted to donate. The goal is to freely open to the value the website gives. There is no plan to monetize anything. If someone wanted to donate a few bucks as a thank you, that’s amazing.

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