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St. Louis Gateway Station

I took the Missouri River Runner train from Kansas City to St. Louis. Sadly, Amtrak asked me to not shoot on the train. The guy working for them just did not know if I could or not. Instead of a big debate on federal laws about photography; I just agreed to not shoot.

However, once I was off the train, I was free to shoot without concern. Welcome to St. Louis, Missouri!
The first shot was the iconic look down the side of the Amtrak that every photographer likes to get. It was shot with the Sony A5100 so no one would pay attention.

St. Louis Gateway Station

I will be honest and tell you that I am not a fan of the new Amtrak Station in St. Louis. It does not look anything like the one in Kansas City. A new building built out of cheap Chinese products does not do Amtrak, an iconic form of traveling justice.

I like the train stations that look like they are straight out of the 1950’s. Kansas City is that way. Dallas is that way. Los Angeles is that way. St. Louis is not. In fact, I believe that Union Station (that is just around the corner there is now a private hotel.)

Masks please!

I am not a fan of St. Louis. I believe the mayor is off her rocker. However, at the St. Louis Gateway Station; everyone is required to wear a face mask no matter what. As someone with a disability, I simply find this unacceptable.

This is out of control. Politicians using public facilities to push their political agendas is just out of line. This makes people with PTSD that have issues with anxiety as it is much worse but people like the mayors of Kansas City and St. Louis don’t seem to care that much!


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