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Kansas City at night (kinda)

Let me say this from the start: these images are not shot at night. In fact, they were shot in the middle of the afternoon and edited using Luminar 4. I love the power of this program and how I can make badly lighted images into great works using this program with just a little extra editing in Lightroom.

The other thing I will say about is I edited these image is about 10 minutes a piece. In Luminar, I can quickly get the “look” that i want without much stress. It is more than just sky replacement. That is just the starting point.

I love Starry Nights!

I am using the “Starry Nights 2” sky a lot of late. It is pretty good to be honest. It really makes the image that I started with look totally different. I was able to use it to get all three of these to look like they were shot the same night and they were not even shot in the same week. (Actually, the same day!)

This is one of the pre-installed skies that came with the program. Just make sure you go down the list of skies because it about 75% down the list. The Galaxy ones are pretty cool too.

Kansas City does have amazing buildings

One of the things that makes these images work is that Kansas City, Missouri does have amazing buildings. They finally realized that dropping them to build new office buildings did not make a lot of sense. They have saved many of them now and converted them into lofts and offices. Smart move.

The days of Kansas City being a hub for factories might be over now but these buildings are being used for other things and of course, helping HDR Daily make some amazing pictures too.

Kansas City is worth a visit.

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