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Kansas City Union Station during lockdown

Kansas City Union Station

America is on lockdown but the Union Station in Kansas City is still open. I wanted to get out and test my new Sigma 10-20mm (f/3.5) out as well. There was not much going on at the Union Station because the mayor of Kansas City has the city on lockdown.

Basically, the only thing operating right now is Amtrak and the Post Office and that is even limited. A lot of people around actually benefited me with using a wide angle len like I needed.

COVID19 or not, photography goes on! No “super flu” is going to keep me from doing what I love.

Amtrak Station in Kansas City

Amtrak Station entrance in Kansas City

Why Black and white?

Amtrak was only the way everyone traveled. It was the preferred way to go. However, people like to fly these days. I feel that putting the images as black and white is more true to what Amtrak has become: a thing of the past. I still love to travel on Amtrak and use it often, especially the Missouri Runner.

It is really kinda of sad that people do not use Amtrak like they use to to be honest. The more it is use, the less our tax dollars have to support it.

Amtrak sign in Kansas City

Amtrak sign at Kansas City Union Station.

Thoughts on Sigma 10-20mm

It is wide. I got it because it is so wide though. I love the look of very wide shots. It is one of my favorite lens right now. It doesn’t work for everything or everyone but it does have a purpose.

I almost got the 10mm from Samyang but went with the Sigma because of the ability to use filter. (I have the Ice filter that are good but still cheap!) I am still a fan of Samyang manual focus lens but of late, I have been buying mostly Sigma for some reason.

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