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Kansas City Zoo (Continued)

The other day, I shared some images from the Kansas City Zoo and I want to continue to share those with you. Today, it is not the elephants but we are looking some Kangaroos and the petting zoo that is by the Australia section of the zoo.

One of the hardest parts of shooting photography at the Zoo is dealing with the fence lines they use. I use they would use more glass than fencing to be honest. Glass is much easier to shoot through. I get the safety issue but it does make creating images quite hard.

Kangaroos are different

I am not sure how they make sure people are safe but I was able to get this Kangaroo that was not behind a fence directly through the trees. I wish I would had a Nikon 200-500mm to get closer that I did with the Nikon 80-200mm pushed to 200mm.

However, I do like the enivorment around him in the image. It tells the story of where he was and what was going on around him. The cool thing was the sun was lighting up the area right around where he was at the time. I did not have to add much of it in post-production.

Petting Zoo at Kansas City Zoo

No zoo is complete with a petting zoo. It was mostly shut down because of the COVID19 stuff but I was able to get some good pictures of a few of the animals. The goat above was one of them. It was almost like shooting a portrait!

This was again the Nikon 80-200mm (F/2.8). I love the fall off from the aperture here that just turns the background into milk. I also got the light from the sun to light up the ground in front of the little guy just perfectly. I did not have to use much of it in Luminar or Lightroom.

Here is another shot from the Petting Zoo as well.

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