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KC Street Car, Union Station and World War I Memorial

Kansas City Street Car

In Kansas City, there is a free train that runs through downtown called KC Street Car. It starts and ends at the Kansas City Union Station. I was able to get this picture of it changing to the other side of the street to go up Main Street on its way to River Market.

One of the good things about Sundays in Kansas City is downtown is not that busy so it makes for better pictures. This is great because the picture has the Street Car in the foreground across the image and the skyline in the background. It is nice and balanced if you ask me.

The Link in Kansas City

The Link at Crown Center in Kansas City.

KC Street is under The Link

Going from the Union Station through the Westin and around to the rest of Crown Center is a passage known as “The Link.” It is a great way to move around the area when it is only 37 degrees outside. It also is a great place to get pictures. It was were I was for the image of the Street Car crossing Main Street.

I use the Link often but this was the first time that I tried to shoot through the glass to get a picture that was usable. It did work pretty well. I am not sure if a tripod would work as well though.

The Link is open from 6 in the morning to midnight.

Kansas City Union Station

The link outside of Kansas City Union Station and World War I Memorial.

Union Station & World War I Memorial

This area is full of government offices. In this picture you can see the Kansas City Union Station, the World War I Memorial, the IRS building, U.S. Postal Service and a few other offices. In fact, the IRS moved their other compound to the area a few years ago. This is a very busy intercession  during the week.

I like how the foreground in this picture is a tour trolley moving around in contrast to the government buildings across the background. It shows what Kansas City is trying to become: all about tourism and governmental business.

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