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Loftville in Downtown Kansas City :)

Downtown Kansas City has really changed over the last year. It has become what I call Loftville. It has become a major issue politically, in fact. The former governor of Missouri, Eric Greitens, threatened to cut all funding to these projects (and part of the reason he had to resign)

For better or worse, the lofts projects are here to stay and it has become a pretty good place to live. The cost of them is crazy and the rent is just as insane. I looked at one of them the other day and it was $1,280+ for just a studio. In the economy of Kansas City, that is stupid pricy.

What about the Lofts?

For me, it would be having everything at my fingertips. I could get anything I needed quickly and be close to everything downtown. I would not need to leave the Central Business District for much. Everything from restaurants to grocery stores to a pharmacy is right there. The only downside would NCAA’s March Madness but even then, time for amazing shots 🙂

Those who work downtown are the main ones getting the lofts. They want to leave where they can walk to their offices. Making a 20 drive from Overland Park does get old. Really old really fast.

About the shots

I reached for the Sigma 18-35mm (1.8), which I love, and it was on the Nikon D7100. I just used the old camera to get the shots. It is the backup camera but it still does everything the newer one does. In fact, if you want a cheap camera, the Nikon D7100 is the way to go at this point. (I still think the old Nikon D7000 is the best bang for buck though)

Of course, I editing them using the Luminar 4 program that I just LOVE. I am about to some amazing global edits and replace the sky in a matter of a few minutes. Photoshop would take me an hour to do what I can do in five minutes. I highly recommend getting Luminar 4 if you can.


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