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Nikon D850 is out! : Does it work for HDR Photography?

Back in May 2016, I put out an article on what I believed would be the Nikon D820. It was actually named the Nikon D850 and it will be in stores in just a few weeks. It is funny how the few things that I said it must have, most of which it actually does have.

  • Guts of the Nikon D5
  • 45+ MP count
  • Features of Nikon D750
  • Video functionality of Nikon D500

From what the official release from Nikon is saying, it seems that I was not very far off on all accounts. It seems to have all of my demands. I am no one to Nikon but a monkey with a credit card but it looks like every excuse to not upgrade from the Nikon D800 has just disappeared.

Nikon D850 has the same sensor as the Nikon D5.

Nikon D850 has 45 Megapixel sensor

The first thing that got my attention, like every other photographer, was that 45 Megapixel sensor that they are putting in it. I assume it is from Sony, a major competitor. As a landscape photographer (and most HDR Photographers are landscape photographers), this is something we just love to see. More pixels is more information and that means more details in our shots.

To be fair, I do not “need” 45 MP to get a great example. It can be done with my old Nikon D7000 quite well. It might only 16MP but that is more than enough for most cases. Having the pixel count that this new camera has is better but not a requirement for being a photographer.

Most of us were sold at this point because it is what we want, not need. I am going to love having the more pixels in the sensor and yes, I am pre-ordering it soon!

Nikon D750

The screen of the Nikon D750

The best part and something I have come to expect is the moving screen of the Nikon D750 and finally, they have put it in the Nikon D850. I do not understand why the Nikon D7500 did not have it to be honest. It should have.

As a photographer shooting in the elements, there is time we need to get low and laying in the mud is really not that fun. It is much better to be able to tint the screen up to look at what I am dealing with while on the feet.

The same is true for shooting above me. It is nice to not have to take a shot, pull it down, check it and put it back up. That gets old really fast.

The only thing I wish that it did do and does not is reverse the screen to the side or from the bottom so that I could face the camera and shoot video. Some people call this selfie mode. I guess Nikon will never get into the video market.

Nikon D850 front

Nikon D850 front

Thoughts on pricing

Many people expect this to climb toward $4,000 for the body and Nikon USA came out and surprised everyone with a competitive $3,299 price tag that put it right there with the Sony A9. While could make the case for the Sony being better (especially at video), I would say the Nikon is the winner due to the amount of glasses in the F mount compared to the FE format.

As I said, I will be pre-ordering the Nikon D850 soon and I hope to be shooting with it by Thanksgiving. This is a nice offering by Nikon and I sure hope there is not a recall on it like there has been on several Nikon cameras in recent years.


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