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North Cleveland Church of God

North Cleveland Church of God

I stopped by North Cleveland Church of God in Cleveland, Tennessee recently. Churches are of photographic value and this is considered one of the oldest Pentecostal churches in America. I wanted to check it out for a white up on Azusa Report. It is a rare large church in a smaller city. Several thousand people call it home in a town of 30,000 people.

In religious circles, this church is well known. It sit right next to Lee University which is also owned by the Church of God. I was able to get pictures of the inside of the church (you will see why later.)

About the image

I walked up to the church one evening to take pictures of both the old church building and the new one. There was a service going on but the church is very touchy about photographers. It was somewhat crazy. I was confronted by security for taking pictures and they were concerned due to ISIS. (Seriously?)

However, the inside of this church is mostly just another modern church to be honest. There is not much to see. The more artistic imagery is outside. It was just crazy to have a couple plain clothed security guys concerned about a guy with a camera!

Thoughts on security

The thought process that photographers are somehow casing a church for a terrorist attack is laughable. People have been photographers for over a century. It is crazy that we live in this mentality but there are many that do think like this.

For the record, as long as you are standing on public sidewalk, you can take a picture of anything you want or as far as your zoom will reach. This has went before the Supreme Court of the United States and has been upheld! Don’t give in as fear.


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