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Old train station in Cleveland, Tennessee

I needed to use the public bus in Cleveland, Tennessee. It uses the former train station by the tracks. It is a very cool building and they seem to have spend a lot of money on the place as well.

I was amazed how well they have kept the building looking much like it would have in the 1970’s when there was a train service. It is almost like walking back in time. I have no idea when Amtrak ditched the passenger service in Cleveland, Tennessee. According to their website, it was restored in 2012 to serve the local bus service.

About the image

I was walking to the station early in the morning and the lighting was just right to take the picture. It was a very soft natural light. I just pulled out the Sony A5000 and took it. I liked the lines running on the tracks.

However, I made a mistake of shooting in JPG. I really needed it shot in RAW. However, I had what I had and I didn’t realize it until later when I got in Lightroom CC. I hope you like it.

I also made them Black and White to make them more “vintage.”

Thoughts on Trains

I am a BIG fan of Amtrak. I used to use it quite a bit to go between Kansas City and St. Louis on the Missouri River Runner. The only reason I have not used trains in Tennessee is the service simply does not exist. I am not a big fan of bus transportation for long distances.

Traveling along the Smoky Mountains is something you would think would include trains, given their historical experience that is such as emphasis today in the tourism sector. I hope that train service become part of the Smoky Mountain experience at some point.

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