About me

As a kid, I did a lot of photography for Boy Scouts and 4-H. I would go along other paths in life and not take photography serious for almost 20 years. It was walking through a grieving process that made me re-connect with the craft.

A few years ago, personal disaster strike. I had to deal with several things. It was a point of I did not know what to do. I was in Sabang in Palawan (Philippines) and I saw people taking pictures and they seemed happy. It was then, I connected again with cameras. I got a Nikon D3100 like many do because it was dirt cheap. A month later, I bought a Nikon D7000.

Fast forward to now, I am still using that D7000 sometimes but I have a lot more gear today. In fact, I like thousands of dollars of it! I do not even have that old Nikon D3100 anymore.

Dealing with PTSD

In the last few years, I have had a nasty return from the beast within, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. (PTSD) It has caused me to end up disabled and cause a lot of stress on relationships. I had to invest in my own hope. For me, photography became that avenue. HDR Daily has become that journey! 

The sad reality is that we still do not know much about the disorder and we can’t even get research that is not political in nature. This is not to mention the stigma related to having something that no one has asked for. For many, like myself, we are on our own to try and walk through the “valley of shadow of death.”

I have also dealt with having a seizure disorder due to some things that has happened. My disabilities are my “thorn in the flesh” to keep me humble, I guess.

American flags

The way forward

Today, things are much better but I still am holding my cameras. I still love to get out and shoot. It is the best thing for me to heal from being “through hell and back.” Photography has become more than a hobby these days, I actually make some money from it. That’s pretty cool.

Everything on the website is free. I freely give away everything I know. If you click on a link to buy something, I get a small kickback but I would recommend what I would if I got that or not. There is nothing on this website behind a paywall and it will remain that way. I also have a photography company as well.

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