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Shooting SQUARE in Kansas City

Downtown Kansas City

A friend of mine likes to shoot square images. I do not. I like to do them at 1080 pixels for the website. Loading full size images just does not make sense. It is not about the bottom feeders or people “stealing” my work. It is really move about the loading time for the website. It is completely technical.

However, he loves to shoot square pictures and if you are using Instagram, this is the best ratio for it. In photography circles, this is called 1×1. That basically just means whatever height you have for your image, the length will be the same.

Shooting Square Images

I did not have my Nikon cameras with me. I had to use the Sony A5100 (mirrorless system) and the manual Rokinon 12mm. (F/2) It is easier to work with because it is much smaller but it also means I did not have the better lens with me. The Rokinon 12mm is a great lens but it does have limitations.

For the most part, the process is the same. It just does not have the same sensor as the Nikon D7200. There is 4 MP difference between them for one. This is not a huge issue but it is there. The other issue that is bigger to me is the mirrorless does not have viewfinder at all. It forces me to use the liveview on a manual lens.

Dealing with the ratio

The one thing about square images is the ratio does make some images look off. This is especially true with Street photography when dealing with tall buildings. Part of this is using the Rokinon 12mm which is very wide.

I would not shoot using the 1×1 ratio very often and it is just really for Instagram that I would think people would honestly use it. I don’t see a lot of other use for it.

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