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5 steps to sky replacements in Luminar 4

If you follow the blog long, you know I am a big supporter of Luminar from Skylum. I love using it. It does have its limitations (so I still use Lightroom) but Luminar takes about 80% of my workflow out and makes what use to be an hour of editing into 5-7 minutes. (You can still do it in Photoshop too!)

Today, I want to show you how to use it to quickly make the sky radically different than the original image. It is really just a click and moving some sliders. Nothing more.

Step #1 Find the Creative panel.

It is the second one along the right side of the screen. It is between the light icon and the smiling face icon. Once you have found it, the sky replacement controls are the top options.

Step #2: Find the sky you want

There is a dozen or so skies you get with Luminar 4 and you can load your own if you want. For this article, I picked the Starry Night 1 that comes with the program. As you can see, with just that one click I have changed a picture taken in the middle of the day into a shot looking like it was three in the morning with a long exposure.

Step #3: Move the sliders

In most cases, the two that I miss with the most are relight scene and Sky Global. The other one move the sky up and down and blend it into the image if needed.

Step #4: Make global changes in Essentials

If you go to the icon above creative (looks like a light blub) and click it, you get into things like light. For this image, I pushed up the exposure to two stops brighter and push up the shadows and down the highlights all the way. I also add a little contrast to the image as well.

Step #5: Artificial intelligence

Below the light panel in Essentials is two options for using Artificial intelligence. Once of them is AI Enhance and the other is AI Structure. In this case, I pushed up the Enhance quite a bit and even pushed the AI Sky quite a bit too. After that, I pushed the structure to where I wanted it to be.

Understanding the difference!

Below is a split screen of the image before on the left and the after the on the right. As you can tell, it does not even look like the same image at all. This is the power of using sky replacement in Luminar 4. This is why I love to use this program and highly recommend getting it. (If you click the ad to the right, it helps support HDR Daily too!)

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