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Sony A5200 or Sony A5100 replacement coming?

I love the Sony A5100 for vlogging but it really needs to be updated by Sony. (Sony A5200?) However, it seems that the line has went into the dark. The good news is that Sony’s research and development team is known for surprises. Who actually expected the Sony A99 II this year? Not me!

I get that they want to throw their energy into the Sony A6000 line of APSC but there are just some things about the Sony A5100 that people need that can’t be done on the Sony A6500. It sucks but that is the truth.

The main draw of the Sony A5100 that needs to be updated is that screen that goes all the way up. It is a need, not a want, for vloggers.

sony a5200

Sony A5200: What I am looking for

There is a few things that I would like to see. The Sony A5100 is quite good but it could use some improvements as well.

  • 60fps at full 4k recording
  • Better handle of low light
  • Autofocus system of Sony A6500
  • Better dynamic range
  • Built in timelapse option

I really do like the current model but it has some minor issues. I really would like to see the 60fps at 4k. There is cameras going this now. There is no reason that the new Sony A5200 could not also do it.

While not a “requirement,” I do not see a reason that they could not put the same sensor in the Sony A6500 in the Sony A5200. It would mean better images at a higher resolution.

The need for the Autofocus system and dynamic range is also a critical need in the Sony A5200. This is where the Sony A5100 falls.

I really would like to see a Sony built timelapse application that is built into the camera. Nikon and Canon has been doing it for years. There is no reason that Sony can’t do it too.

sony a5100 tripod

Will we get it?

Who knows what Sony will do any these days but it is very possible. The vlogging scence is growing and it is a large group of people that want to spend money on cameras for their needs. Some people just do not want the Sony RX100 V. It is a great camera but I want the power of the APSC sensor.

I am a huge fan of the Sony A5000 line. I have the Sony Nex 5T, Sony A5000 and the Sony A5100. They are all amazing but there reahttps://lastkodiak.com/sony-nex-5t-initial-thoughts/lly needs to be an update if you ask me.

I can only hope that Sony will give us what we need to make better videos in the future. Hope is all we have.

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