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Sony A77 is very interesting to me!

I have become very interested in the Sony A77. I will be buying one soon. I just want to discuss with you why I am choosing the A77 and not the mirrorless Sony A6300 or even the Sony A77 II.

Part of it is that it just makes sense to use the A77. I am not against the other but the Sony A77 does what I am looking for.

I am looking for the following features:

  • 60p video at 1080p
  • 180 degree screen
  • 24MP still images
  • Auto bracketing for HDR photography
  • Solid len lineup at affordable prices

sony-a6300Why not the Sony A6300 mirrorless camera?

Look at the five requirements that I just laid out, it is clear that the Sony A6300 would not meet the 180 degrees screen and the len lineup on the E-mount is still quite bad. I love Samyang lens but Sony needs to get some affordable lens for people who the E-mount. It just is not there, yet.

I did have a Sony A6000 for awhile and it was a nice camera. However, I would not trust it as a primary camera. It was very touchy to put it lightly. The smallest bump and it would switch between the live view and view finder.

The other major problem I have with Sony mirrorless camera is you need a dozen batteries with you just to do a day of shooting. The battery life of mirrorless camera is not good at all. One battery with my Nikon DSLR is 4 batteries with a Sony mirrorless camera!

All in all, they just didn’t work for me. I am willing to try them again in the future.

sony-a77iiWhat about the Sony A77 II?

I could see this being a serious question as it is the updated version of the line. However, I see the improvements to the few things I am looking for to be minimal. The only practical difference that I could see that would matter to me is that the new one has the standard hotshoe to use my Nikon SB900.

Another issue is that the battery on the Sony A77 II will take about 100 less shots than the same battery in Sony A77. It is not the end of the world but those batteries are not cheap to be honest.

I rarely found myself shooting at high ISO or needing to use alot of auto-focus in hard to focus situations.

At the end of the day, the extra $600 is for things that I don’t really use.

sony-a77-lensThe Sony A77 makes sense!

The few things that I need, it makes sense to get the older one and try it out. I do not want to throw alot of money into a system at this point. I am playing in the water of Sony DSLR system right now (with my Nikon D810 still in my hand!)

I will get it and see how it works out for me. I might become a full blown Sony fanboy, who knows!

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