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Sony mirrorless is better? : A response to Jason Lanier

If you do not know who Jason Lanier, he is a talented photographer based in California that in 2015, switched from Nikon DSLR system to using the Sony mirrorless system. In fact, his “claim to fame” seems to be his switch to mirrorless.

Many people, including myself, believe he is “bought and paid for” by Sony USA just as much as Hillary Clinton is paid for by George Soros. In my time as a photographer, I have never seen a brand whore like Jason Lanier. It is that over the top.

As I said, he is a great photographer. He has a great craft. I enjoy his work when he is not doing the rants about great Sony mirrorless cameras are.

It is true that I own mirrorless cameras and that I have started the switch to Sony DSLR cameras from Nikon. However, I am not about to jump on the bandwagon of being a Sony snob. Not today and not ever. 

jason lanier shootingJason Lanier: Spokeperson for mirrorless

He will jump at any questioning of people using the mirrorless cameras and defend it. It is like he can’t believe people actually don’t use Sony A7 series.

As I understand it, F-Stoppers, a website with a youtube channel put out something questioning if mirrorless were legit. I look quickly at the website and their channel and could not find anything about it. I am sure it was lost in all the content that they put out though. It is a great resource and they do update it daily.

My big problem with people like Jason is they do not want to fair in their view of the mirrorless ecosystem. They like to pretend that there is not some major problems with things like lens selection, flashes, distribution, and service agreements.

Here is a video where Matt Granger from Sydney, Australia called out Sony for the crappy service agreements on the mirrorless system. It is a reality. 

jason lanier image reviewCan the mirrorless be used for professional work?

It can and I have. It does have some benefits. It is smaller, lighter and it does have that revolving screen that is down right amazing. I have used both the Sony A6000 and the Sony A7r on shoots for commercial photography.

However, I would be amiss to say it works 100% of the time. I have had to put them away and get out a DSLR body more than once to finish the job. Are DSLR system superior to mirrorless? Without question. It is not to say mirrorless won’t work in most cases. It is just to say that a DSLR will work in every case!

I will also say that your average local photographer that is semi-professional (part time) will find that cost of glass to be quite high. There is not much lens selection, if any, for under $1,000. This is not like on any DSLR system where if you can’t get the top lens that is the latest (and greatest), you normally can find an older one for $350-$500. Not happening with mirrorless.

sony a99 iiMy journey with Sony systems

I own a few mirrorless cameras. In fact, I just picked up a Sony Nex 5t last week for a special purpose that a DSLR wouldn’t handle as easy. I have also recently bought a Sony A77II and will be getting the Sony A99II.

When I look at getting the Sony A77II, I could have got the Sony A7II for cheaper. I realized that a DSLR will normally outperform the mirrorless 10 times out of 10. Even the CEO of Sony admitted this recently.

I wanted mirrorless cameras mainly for doing videos (where they are very good) and doing some street shooting where a DSLR could be a security issue.

jason-lanier-camerasShut up and shoot!

At the end of the day, I believe in using what you can afford and just shut up and shoot! I know Jason Lanier would say that between his Sony commercials on Youtube but I really mean it. Doesn’t matter to me if you use a Casio point and shoot or a Phase One IQ 180!

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