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Ted Forbes, people do care (and pay)

I recently saw a video from Ted Forbes (Art of Photography) that people do not care about photography. I disagree.

While Ted is trying to make the point that everyone thinks they are a photographer with their iPhone and their entry level DSLR (which I have to agree), I think he misses the point that there is never enough photography out there. People are still paying thousands of dollar for great work.

In my view, anyone using a phone as a camera needs to have their head checked. The sensor is soo small and the quality of light coming into the sensor is a joke.

Ted Forbes wants work that matters

The problem with this thinking is who determines what matters. I know what Ted is about but what matters to him as an art historian and what matters to say, Micheal Dell doing a shoot for a new laptop is completely different.

In my opinion, the works that matter to most photographers is what pays their rent. If photography is now a business, the bottom line becomes making sure the profits are higher than the cost of doing business.

In this is true, the work that matters is the work that pays the bills.

Don’t trust other photographers

I remember when I was doing alot of HDR Photography and for some reason, photographers hate that niche if they do not do it themselves. It is a cool medium but alot of photography purist do not feel the same way about it!

I ended up running into Scott Kelby in a conference and asked what he thought. He said something very profound to me, “Photographers might not like it but the fact of the matter is normal people love HDR pictures.”

Most of your clients will not be Joe McNally, Jared Polin or even the photographer down the street. They are normal people who just want to get amazing images. What some photographer thinks of your work does not mean crap at the end of the day.

Here is the video of Ted Forbes talking about the issue

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