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The Link at Crowns Center in Kansas City

Link at Crown Center

There is a passage that runs from the Union Station to the Sheraton at the Crown Center working its way through the Westin. This is very handy for moving around the Crown Center is a controlled environment. I use it a lot in the winter to walk to where I am going out of the cold.

It starts on the second floor on the Union Station and ends up on the first floor on the shopping center at the Westin. It starts again on the second floor of the Westin and goes to the Sheraton. Along the way, you go through the building that has Parena Bread in it.

Great for shooting too.

One of the things that I like about the Link is it goes on Main. One of my most well known images of the Street Car crossing Main was shot standing on the Link above the street. It took some waiting to make happen but ultimately, it did happen and it was worth it.

The above image is another shot that I took on the Link. It is shot showing the area that includes Union Station, the World War I Memorial, IRS, and the main street. I was even to get a tour trolley in it.

The Link at Crown Center

It is cool by design.

One of the things that I find interesting is that part of it is designed one way and the other part of it looks very differently. You can see this with the image above compared to the first image. They are not even the same shape.

My only real issue with it (as a photographer), I wish those big vents where not there on the slanted part so I could get closer to the glass for making landscapes shot though. I guess that is just a personal thing.

It would saying that the KC Street Car ends at the Union Station right below where the Link starts.

Street Car in Kansas City


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