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Walking around Knoxville, Tennessee

old train car in Knoxville, Tennessee

I am in Knoxville, Tennessee; the hometown of the University of Tennessee. (the Volunteers!) After doing what I needed to do, I had a chance to walk around downtown and do some street photography. It is something that I do not do much of anymore. (I miss it!)

To be honest, I was really surprised at how many great subjects there was just walking around downtown. If I would have a better lens than the 16mm prime; there would have been many more shots. I could seriously spend a week here just shooting street photography!

bird scooters in Knoxville

About the image

I was at the train station that is now just restaurants. Behind it, next to the tracks is an old train with several cars. One of them was this one called “South Carolina.” Because of its metal outside, it is shiny as all get out. It just made a great image.

In Lightroom, I just pushed the contrast and the clarity to the max and did another pass of it for just the car. I liked the final result. I wish I would have time to shoot these in HDR brackets but I was able to do quite a bit with the RAW files in Adobe CC.

Street in Knoxville, Tennessee

Knoxville is full of bars!

Even for being a college town, I saw a lot of bars and pubs. It is like on every corner there is two different bars. It is just really overkill. However, there must be a demand for the supply. I don’t know if the people in knoxville just drink that much or what.

I can only imagine what the streets around the campus look like if this is the downtown area. I hope everyone is being safe and not driving drunk. I was not expecting to see whole districts of the city that are just for getting drunk!

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