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Why I do not order from WHCC

White House Custom Colour or WHCC is a photo printing house out of Minnesota that alot of people use, including SmugMug but I will not order for them. They actually are probably losing alot of business by shooting themselves in the foot.

I will tell you this from the start: it is not the fact that they are higher priced than other competitors even though they would really hurt them for the photographers that have to save pennies to make a living from selling photos. I make my living outside of photography so I don’t mind the extra 10-15% in the price too much.

WHCC has a crappy checkout system

They use this ROES system that some of them use and it is not user friendly and on top of that, it runs Java that uses alot of resources. It hardly works when it does work. It is just a crappy way to do business.

They should have a checkout system right on their website using MySqL databases. It might be more work but the less work the customers has to do, the better things will be for your profits! You can trust me on that. I promise you.

Because you use this ROES crap, I will print elsewhere.

What got my interest?

WHCC has some pretty cool specialized prints like on Bamboo wood and frames that comes from old barns in Minnesota. That is pretty darn creative. The prices for these are insanely high but I like the creative spirit of it alot.

However, no matter how cool I think their bamboo wood print is, I will have to spend my $296.50 for a 2×36 print somewhere else because I simply can’t checkout at their website because of this ROES nonsense system.

Sucks for WHCC and anyone who actually want to use them, I guess.

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