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A walk in the woods in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Wooded walk in Chattanooga, Tennessee

This morning, I took a walk in a place that I remember from being back in February. It is special to me so I wanted to come back and get some pictures. One thing I love about being in Chattanooga and really all of eastern Tennessee is how wooded the place is. Most people have forest areas for a backyard.

It is like wherever you go, you can see amazing trees. I am amazed that you can even see them downtown. I wish more cities have trees everywhere like this. Sadly, a lot of them are cutting down what they have to make room for more real estate. I am not sure this is a good thing at the end of the day.

trees in Chattanooga, Tennessee

About the image

All of them in the article are taken about the same place, just a few feet from the others. The main image was taken showing the contrast between the path and the trees. It was one image, not “technically” ad HDR image but hey, it works.

Once in Lightroom, I played with the contrast and clarity and as always, I pushed down the highlights and pushed up the shadows to the max.  The rest was done with filters.

park bench in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Why I love woods

As I said, I love the woods and too many times, we do not stop to think about them. There is nothing better for a photographer to do then take a walk in the woods and bring the mirror less camera with them (or the DSLR.) It is something I am learning to do more of, to be honest.

I am trying to make a habit of doing one while living in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. Many people never make it to the Smokies and I happen to live here. I must to make the most of it.


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