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Memorial Weekend at World War I Memorial

American flags

It is Memorial Day and that means a trip to the World War I Memorial in downtown Kansas City. Every year, I try and go down there to remind myself of the price of American freedom. Between just between the two World Wars, almost 30 million soldiers were killed so I can say “I am free.”

The memorial in Kansas City is the national monument that was commissioned by General John P. Pershing (a fellow Missourian) and then, Vice-President Calvin Coolidge.

I was unable to go inside the World War I Memorial Museum because it was Sunday, Memorial weekend and the whole COVID19 thing.

Did a little cropping (something I normally don’t do)

Making the shots

I was a little frustrated because I did not have my Nikon gear with me. I was just running around town and determined to go check out the Memorial. All I had on me was the Sony A5100 and my phone. I grabbed for the Sony and the Rokinon 12mm manual lens. As I always say, the best camera you have is the one in your hand.

It is not all bad because I do like how the Sony processes images a little better than the Nikon system. (Nikon has FAR better glass though!) The other handy thing about the Sony is feels like a point and shoot in your hand. It is easy to move around and set up a shot without the weight.

Front lawn of World War I Memorial facing Union Station

Front lawn of World War I Memorial facing Union Station

Editing the images

As many of the image of late, they were only edited using Luminar 4. I really like the software and the Artificial intelligence behind it. It makes editing a lot easier. It was worth the $100 or so that I paid for it.

The sky replacement was done on three of these images and it handles it pretty well. The only one that it struggled was the tower in the really wide shot. It was hard for it to see where the sky ended and the tower started.

All in All, I am very pleased with Luminar 4.

Happy Memorial Day and do something besides a BBQ. Remember someone that paid the ultimate price for our freedom!

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