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Yasawa or not to Yasawa

Many people want to go to the Yasawa Islands in Fiji and it is totally understandable. I have been there and and have no issue with people going. My only question is if on a budget, is going to the Yasawas the smartest move. It could seriously shorten your Fiji Holidays.
The chain  is out by itself and they control movement in and out of the chain so the people in tourism can make their money. There is no real budget system to visiting the chain. The people making the millions make sure of that. They are very protective of their cash cow.

With that said, it is very beautiful and if you have an extra few hundred dollars or are willing to spend a few days less on holiday, it would be worth relaxing out there.
yasawa flyer

How to get to Yasawa Islands?

The reality is there is only two ways out there. Private helicopter (expensive) and taking the fast craft out (expensive). There is no regular ferry and the rich resort owners like it that way.

The Yasawa Flyer is the main boat that goes and it cost $179 Fijian ($90 USD) each way. It leaves Nadi about eight in the morning and makes it last stop in the Yasawa Islands around one in the afternoon. It will dock back in Nadi around six in the evening.

Turtle Airways is the company with planes and helicopters going to the resorts for guest. You will have to contact them to get the current prices and other information. It is probably no where close to a backpacker’s budget though.
safe landing beach resort

Finding a resort to stay at.

As I said, nothing to do with the trip is cheap. However, it seems the more north you go the cheaper they get. I believe that I paid less than $100 US dollars for the night I was there.

According to Booking.com, there is rooms for about $106 USD currently which is probably about standard for what I saw when I was up there. You might find a killer deal that is cheaper but probably not. As I said, it is Fiji’s cash cow.

There does seem to be a new resort called Safe Landing Beach Resort that has a dorm with meals for $50 a night. It is better than getting a room if you are on a budget. All you would spend on would be the meals. It might be worth looking into.

What is my recommendation?

Honestly, I think the whole chain is a rip off and there are better places in Fiji. Take the money you would say and enjoy your Fiji Holidays a few day longer at a cheaper place. I only went out because I had a free boat transfer for helping the company with their computers. All I paid for was the resort.

$300 US dollars can buy you 3-4 days at a resort on the Coral Coast that is also very nice and relaxing. Just saying. You might even check out the Outrigger Hotel in Sigatoka.

However, if you have the money to spend; check out the Yasawa Islands. I am not saying you should that if that is your heart’s desire.

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